Petra in Pictures – Jordan’s Amazing Ancient City

Jordan’s most visited tourist site with over 800,000 visitors in 2018 is, and had to be, Petra. I visited back in 2009, spent a hot day in the sun there exploring, climbing rocks and hills and taking many photos.

The site of this ancient city, one of the seven ‘new’ wonders of the world, was originally known as ‘Raqmu’, and dates from as far back as 9000 BC. However, the buildings themselves, many or most are not nearly that old.

The site itself is huge, and there is a lot to take in. Many of the structures are actually carved out of the rocks. And the biggest and most impressive are tombs.

Approaching Petra
Approaching the Treasury Building through the Siq

You enter along a gorge through the rocks and mountains called the ‘Siq’. It’s wind swept and as an impressive approach to an ancient city as you could imagine. It’s 1.2 kilometres long two so it’s a fair walk. It’s a nice way to exit too as it’s thin between the rocks and you can find some much needed shade – trees are not a feature of Petra!

Treasury Building

Then you hit the edifice best known as ‘The Treasury’ or ‘Al-Khazneh’. But actually, it is a mausoleum believed to be to Nabatean King Aretas IV – and is dated back to 1 AD.

Street of Facades
The Streets of Facades

Then you enter the valley and to each side you will see the ‘Street of Facades’, with large facades built into the cliffs. This goes on and on. I went up (as many do) the surrounding hills for a great view from above.

Amphitheatre Petra
The Urn Tomb

The Romans also had their piece of Petra as well and you will see a few structures that are unmistakably Roman.

Petra and beyond

More of Petra from high
At the top of the mountain

Bring loads of water, and maybe even an umbrella if you are so inclined to keep the sun off you because the sun is pretty oppressive. But it is not to be missed under any circumstances!

Thanks for popping in today – and May the Journey Never End!


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