Amman – Through My Lens!

Hey all. Well I have been struggling to find places I haven’t featured in my ‘Through My Lens’ Photographic series, and so I was looking through all the folders on my computer when I suddenly realised I hadn’t done posts on the places I went in Jordan, back in 2009. I am pretty excited, because although these aren’t my absolute best photos the country and landscape (not to mention the ruins) are brilliant by themselves! And so I doth declare for ‘Through My Lens’ that June will be Jordan month! Four Tuesdays will give you four destinations in Jordan to see through me lens!

Today we start with the capital city of Amman. Spread over a number of hills and filled with Roman ruins, it’s quite photogenic in its way. Enjoy!

Obviously I didn’t take this one – am I reading or sleeping?

Thanks for popping by! Take care and May the Journey Never End!


14 thoughts on “Amman – Through My Lens!

  1. Not so bad pictures, it gives an idea of the country, it’s a pity it’s in such an unstable region as it has some nice places to visit.

  2. What a sprawling metropolis, all in white! It’s incredible just how uniformed the city is in style. To check out Petra while in Jordan would also be the dream, as it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Thanks for sharing another good one, Andy!

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