Jerash – Through My Lens

Howdy all. Continuing on for you in my photographic REdiscovery of destination Jordan, today I bring to you photos from Jerash, also known as Gerasa, an ancient city dating back as far as 7500BC. It is a city with an incredible history of being built, being destroyed, being occupied and being abandoned over the years. There is a modern (ish) city there today which I believe dates back to the early 20th century, but the highlight for the visitor is undoubtedly the ancient ruins which span many centuries but are primarily Greco-Roman. Yes, if you like a column, Jerash’s ancient city ruins may just be for YOU! This city has seen sacking, human destruction and earthquakes over many many centuries. Enjoy!

A map I pulled off the internet for you of the ancient city.
Welcome to Jerash (Gerasa)
Archways line the street

Thanks for popping by today! May the Journey Never End!


7 thoughts on “Jerash – Through My Lens

  1. Rustic, but lovely ruins! Reminds me greatly of Ephesus in Turkey. Must be sublime to have walked the streets and be transported back thousands of years ago!

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