Petra – Through My Lens

I’m continuing the Month of Photos from Jordan, and yes today it’s my photos from destination: Petra! One of the seven wonder of the world. It sits next to the town of Wadi Musa, where you typically stay to visit the ancient city. There is – or at least was, because it was a long time ago now, a ticket office and then a walk of one or two kilometres along a path which then narrows when it passes through these rocks. The path I think was created by erosion and wind, perhaps rain, and now leads straight up to the most famous Petra image – the Treasury.

But that’s not all there is to this ancient city – which dates back to the 4th century BC and features buildings which are actually carved into the rock faces. It was built initially by the Nabateaens, when that empire fell the Romans occupied it and built there own buildings, which in all fairness didn’t the test of time as well as the other buildings.

My photos are okay. I think you can really see the difference though in terms of camera quality because the light balance and depth of field is just not the same as I would get with my DSLR today. Such is life. Could always go back one day! Enjoy!

The famous Treasury

There are mountains all around Petra, and I climbed up one of them. Man I must have been a lot fitter in those days! And from there you get a sense of the scale of the place with amazing views down to Petra. Also climbing up you could turn back and shoot through the rocks which provided great framing.

The Treasury at the end of the day

Thanks for popping by! Take care and May the Journey Never End!


8 thoughts on “Petra – Through My Lens

  1. Your lens does a great job of whetting my appetite for a visit to this awesome sight. I guess carving a city out of stone eliminates the problem of having to quarry and transport blocks of stone.

  2. It’s my dream to visit Petra someday, as I hope to reach all Seven Wonders of the World (currently on three). Thanks for sharing your adventure there!

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