Faces of Vietnam

Welcome to another ‘Faces of’. There’s no doubt that the people of Vietnam are warm, kind and wonderful subjects for photos. I hope that this selection tells you a little about one of the most amazing countries I have ever travelled to…

barber in Hoi An

Barbers in Hoi An. And yes, I did and sure, I’d recommend him. The guy standing up that is.
bride at dalat station

A bride at the Da Lat train station. Red is a traditional colour worn by Vietnamese brides.couple on ropeway dalat

A couple I met on a tour around Da Lat.

girl in dress up dalat

Dressing up for photos is a pretty popular activity for the young Vietnamese.
girl on train to hue

I shared a cabin on the train with a mum and her cheeky yet photogenic daughter on the way from Nha Trang to Hue.ho chi minh post office

Ho Chi Minh looks over the main post office in the former Saigon.lady at nha trang market

Making rolls in a cafe in Nha Trang.men playing game hcmc

Men playing board games in Ho Chi Minh City.on river hue kids

Kids on a fishing boat near Hue.
park in hcmc

Students in Ho Chi Minh City.small kid hcmc

At Madame Cuc’s Ho Chi Minh City.
students in Hanoi

More students, this time in Hanoi.workshop hcmc

Crafts work near Ho Chi Minh City.


I hope one at least of these faces brightened your day! Take care and May the Journey Never End!



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