Snorkeling Wave Break Island, Gold Coast – The VIDEO!

Hi all!

I’ve put together a short four-minute video (underwater) of my time snorkeling near Wave Bay Island on the Gold Coast. I’ve been trying to identify the fish I saw – I know the one with zebra-like features is the Scissortail Sergeant, but I’m lost for any others. There are at least three types of fish there, the most common one looks like some sort of Butterfly Fish, but it disn’t match any on the board that was up at the hub for Queensland Scuba Diving Company, who ran the snorkeling.

Anyways, if anyone can help identify any of the others, that would be great. Cheers! Enjoy!

This one was everywhere – but what is it?
You can see a couple of larger fish here, but what are they?
This is not a fish and doesn’t need identifying!

Thanks for stopping by – May the Journey Never End!

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