The Magnificent Multan – From Around the Web!

Howdy all! Today I've decided to put a bunch of videos here centering around the incredible Pakistani city of Multan. I've got videos from friend of the blog Tim Blight - who has a few, and also one from Angela Carson who I introduced to you last week. I hope you enjoy these videos, …

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Flying into and exploring Gilgit

Hey all. Today on 'From Around the Web' I found this video Mr Josh Cahill made documenting one of the most beautiful and epic little flights you will ever see. He has cockpit access as he flies from the Pakistani capital of Islamabad to the northern town of Gilgit! Enjoy! Thanks, and May the …

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A Trip to the Brazillian Border with Venezuela!

Howdy all. Today it's a video from 'Indigo Traveler' which is really interesting to say the least. He heads north from Manaus on the Amazon in Brazil to the border with Venezuela. I was unaware that so many refugees were fleeing from Venezuela - something like 5 million - to Brazil. 'Enjoy' - is not …

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From Around the Web – Would YOU fly on a Boeing 737-MAX8?

Folks, Noel Philips is at it again! This video from earlier this year as the Boeing 737 Max was approved to be used again and so who was one of the first people to see how it was? Yes, Noel folks! He posted the video which means he survived! I'm not sure how I feel …

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Russia’s Unfinished Metro in Chelyabinsk

Hi folks. Today in news from around the web I want to return to a new old favourite of mine, NFKRZ from the delightful city of Chelyabinsk, Russia. Usually he makes videos from inside his office/apartment, but today despite typical Russian winter conditions, he heads out to tell the tale of the Metro in Chelyabinsk, …

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Drew Binsky – One of the World’s Most Successful Travel Vloggers

Drew is a 29 year old American travel blogger, who set off a few years back now with his goal to visit every country in the world. He announced earlier this year he was around five or six countries short of reaching his goal, they included Venezuela and Jamaica amongst a few others, and he was set to reach his goal this year. Then the pandemic struck and he has been sidelined for most of the year. Recently he headed to Mexico, where he'd already been, but he's yet to take to his final few countries.