My First Ever VLOG – at the Royal Melbourne Show 2019!

So, I’ve never done this before. I have never produced a Vlog, which for the uninitiated, is a blog but on video, or should I say Youtube? It seems it is the thing everyone is doing these days, and so I thought it was time to give it a go.

Now, I’ve been using and taking videos whilst travelling for a long time – back as far as 2007 when I shot a fair amount of footage in Mali, but they have been what I would use the rather vague term of ‘travel video’ than an actual Vlog which I take to include talking to the camera. Strangely for me, this is not something I am overly keen on doing.

So anyways, I have put something together. I was thinking about Vlogging as I travel but the laptop I take travelling is a real cheapy and has no memory or speed and editing things the way I like would not be even vaguely possible and I’m not going to buy another any time soon. But what I will do is, well I might do, I will do a few whilst travelling and then release them bit by bit once I’ve returned. In order I presume. But you know, no promises.

So, I shot this in late September at the Royal Melbourne Show. I set up the camera on a mini-tripod on a table and did all the to-camera stuff there, however it did not focus properly I am sorry to say and so I am blurry. Maybe that’s just the effect my visage has on a lens? I don’t know but I was disappointed because it looked okay to me when I filmed it. Hopefully this is something I can avoid in the future, but I found it a little difficult using the DSLR as a vlogging camera. But I’m not about to take a second camera. Not at this stage.

Tell me what you think and be gentle. It’s about 10 minutes which I think is a good sort of length for one of these things. I found some great music on a website called and if you’re looking for some royalty free music they are great. Some of the tunes are quite familiar and I suspect that a lot of Youtubers use their excellent music!

Thanks for popping by today – and May the Journey Never End!

3 thoughts on “My First Ever VLOG – at the Royal Melbourne Show 2019!

  1. I think it’s a good start…
    I’ve got only one vlog on my YouTube Channel with barely any views but I could still offer some “gentle” advice.
    #1. Try to create a sleek intro using YouTube intro apps.
    #2. Use nice thumbnails.
    #3. You should upload your videos on optimal days when most people are online.
    #4. Use catchy headlines.
    #5. Research a topic or location before vlogging about it.

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