Best on Earth!

Hello all on this fair Sunday. I’ve taken a baton from Tim from to complete this list, which he in turn had handed from Bren on the Road. Well, to be fair it was my idea to take this post from Tim. He left me free to change a few of the items, and because, well, I don’t eat coconuts I thought I might do that. Tim’s list can be found HERE.

Basically – the list is asking me where I’ve found/seen the ‘best’ so forth in the world. Fairly self explanatory. Fell free to add your own opinions in the comments, and if you’re a blogger, you might want to give it a go yourself!

Best avocados: Australia (I mean only recently have I eaten avocadoes, so I have no real point of reference)

Best pineapples: I can’t comment. I’m not a ‘pineapple person’. If that’s even a thing!

Best noodles: Japan. (ramen wins hands down. Although, Udon are good noodles too!)

Best steaks: Australia

Best seafood: Don’t eat seafood! I had oysters in Cambodia. They didn’t kill me.

Best hot dogs: New York City (side of the road, great stuff!)

Best sandwiches: I mean really? Sandwiches?

This one is actually from Bolivia!

Best pizzas: Ummm I like the ones in Australia from certain places. I worked in one of them. So Azzurro in Brighton East (Melbourne) is the go as far as I’m concerned.

Best McDonalds: I modified this one from ‘best burgers’. And the answer is Japan. For some reason McDonalds tastes more like food there than anywhere else I’ve tried it.

Best coffee: I’m told Melbourne is great for coffee. But – I don’t drink it.

Best nightlife: Belgrade (2004, ‘Toxic’ seemed to be on endless repeat. Good times!)

Best daylife: Really any city in India. So much happening all day and into the night.

Moscow Metro

Best public transport: Moscow (stunning metro stations, trains every 1 – 2 minutes. That’s how good it CAN be!

Best airline: I’m going with Emirates at the moment. It’s been 3 years since I flew with them, but they are always very competent and take the stress out of flying.

Best city for walking: SO many cities are great for walking. Mumbai offers surprises around every corner.

Worst city for walking: Sydney or any other hilly city! Or Los Angeles.

Best city for wifi: I hear South Korea is the bomb when it comes to wifi. Otherwise public wifi I have always found an issue when travelling.

Safest place: Japan (I’m considering personal safety, but ignoring potential for natural disasters!)

Least Safe place: Buenos Aires (quite creepy at times, never felt relaxed)

Most chilled people: Georgia

Most unchilled people: Australia (Yeah this was Tim’s response too. Hate to agree with him but…)

Prettiest women: Struggling to answer this one. Play it safe and say Japan? (my wife is Japanese)

Handsomest men: Also asking me to make a judgmental call here. South America.

Best dressed: Russia for women, possibly Japan for men. I mean there are a lot of suits and ties!

Worst dressed: see I don’t like making negative calls. Ummm… possibly parts of Australia. I include myself in this!

Many of my students in Georgia.

Friendliest people: Iran or Georgia

Unfriendliest people: Dubrovnik

Most polite people: Japan

Most impolite people: See ‘unfriendliest people’

Most overrated city: Los Angeles

Most underrated city: Hanoi

So phew…. That was actually REALLY hard! Any comments opinions you’d like to share are much appreciated! Thanks and May the Journey Never End!

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