Blogger Interview – Mrs Wayfarer Exploring the World from the Phillipines!

Howdy all and hoping this Sunday is finding you well. Sunday now means for the foreseeable future that it’s time for another interview with an amazing travel blogger or vlogger I’ve come into contact with over the years.

Marielle’s blog [Living Free and Making a Difference] is actually one I guess I’ve discovered more recently, and she’s taken me (virtually!) to many destinations from Europe to her native Philippines where she lives today as we all battle the restrictions and times of Covid-19. Anyways, without much ado… may the interview begin!

Hi there. Thanks for agreeing to do this interview. Would you mind starting by telling us who you are and where you’re from, and of course the name of your blog?

A warm hello and Mabuhay from the Philippines! My name is Marielle and some of you might know me more as MrsWayfarer (my blog is I’m currently based in Metro Manila. 
I started my blog in September 2018. I was at the tail-end of my work hiatus at the time, and before I start working again and getting into the daily grind, I wanted to write down what’s close to my heart so I can look back anytime to remember the more important things in life.

And these are the themes of my blog: Travel, Art, and Nature. Outside blogging and on weekends or breaks, I see to it that I go on an adventure, hone in on my art, or be involved in advocacy for sustainability and the environment.

Who do you see as the audience for your blog?

Most of my readers are fellow travelers, art and nature lovers. Blogging takes time and commitment, and it’s a two-way street so interacting with readers is a good way to get to know more about them and learn. I always have a blast reading through blogs and honestly, I get to discover places I never knew about until someone I follow blogged about them. 

How has your world changed due to Covid-19? What restrictions are in place where you are right now?
Prior to the pandemic, D and I would travel as much as we could. Our favorite destinations are Japan, Switzerland, and the islands of the Philippines (like Batanes, Siquijor, and Palawan). The pandemic cancelled our plans to go to Hiroshima in the spring, and Central Europe in the fall. I think, with the number of positive cases still on constant rise here in the Philippines, we’ll continue to be stuck at home at least until end of this year. There’s buzz of us going back to stricter measures where one has to have a community pass to be able to go out. 

What place would you really like to visit and why? How do you think travel will change due to the pandemic?

After the pandemic, we are keen to continue on with these travel plans, but not until after we do more domestic travels first and have long drives throughout Luzon. I’ve been looking forward to going to Caramoan and Calaguas Islands in Bicol – about 12 hours’ drive from Manila. The white sands and coconut trees keep on calling me since last year, and because of work travels I have not had the chance to squeeze them in my schedule. I’m still trying to hypothesise what the new normal for travelling post COVID19 will be. Maybe flights will be more expensive – seat spaces will be wider? I imagine sanitization of planes will be more frequent, and travel insurance will be required for all tourists. 

Finally what are you hoping or dreaming for in 2021?
My hope for 2021 is for the virus to be eradicated, and for all or us to learn from what 2020 brought about. Personally for me I would like to hug my friends and family more once again, to be able to serve at the church, have a proper meal out with loved ones, and go out without fear. 

Please recommend three posts from your blog you’d like people to read

Thanks for reading and I hope to get to know more about you through your comments. It would also mean so much to me if you check out three of the first few blogs I have ever posted:

A HUGE thanks to Marielle/Mrs Wayfarer for her interview today and please support her by visiting her blog and checking out some of her posts! And thanks for reading today, hope you are well wherever you are in the world right now, and May the Journey Never End!


10 thoughts on “Blogger Interview – Mrs Wayfarer Exploring the World from the Phillipines!

  1. Love this! Glad to get to know someone new in the blogging community. I’ll be going over to her blog to check it out now. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Thank you and it was an honor being featured in your blog, Andy!
    For my fellow travelers in the blogsphere, and I’m quoting Andy here – May the Journey Never End!

  3. Aw, Mrs Wayfarer and I actually share two things in common; we started our blogs the same month and we also love art. Thanks for introducing us to Mrs Marielle, Andy! Great interview as always.

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