2018 – To Somewhere… and Beyond!

Howdy all. Hope you are well and getting into the new year with a smile on your face! Sorry you haven’t heard too much of me of late. Actually I’ve been occasionally checking the views I am getting and finding they aren’t down as much as I was expecting, which is interesting because you know I spent much of 2017 desperately trying to get 4 posts or more up a week. And was it worth it? Well is any of this worth it? Am I trying to add value to my own self-worth here by getting x amount of views on my blog? Is that what all bloggers are subconsciously trying to do? I suspect the answer is… yes.

However that doesn’t mean that there are other, much more valid reasons for blogging. And no I am not thinking of giving up the blog. BUT. I think that this year I will be pulling back from it and not trying to blog so frequently. If I can help myself. I just read a blog post of another travel blogger who listed all these ways they wanted to blog better in 2018. And really, the ideas exhausted me. I really don’t get SEOs and how I am supposed to use them, and I went through a phase where I tried to maximise publicity through various different online mediums, but actually I realise that unless I want to monetize this thing, and I’m not sure at all that I do, it’s a lot of work for little to no reward and it takes away the enjoyment of blogging and curtails my ability to express, where I want to and they are relevant, my opinions.

Meeting a Doctor Who Idol William Russell who was in the very first episode in 1963 in 2017

Ho hum then! So anyways, thoughts spew forth onto the blog. But 2018 lies ahead and I have one goal/wish/hope – it’s a better year than 2017. Although I did have an AMAZING trip last year, otherwise it was a true Annus Horribillis.

Filming at a campsite. In the rain. Cast photo

I have already almost gone camping last weekend. Okay, we were doing a shoot at a campground in Victoria, it was lovely. But the weather wasn’t so instead of staying over I came back in the evening. I visited Phillip Island, and hour and a half or so from Melbourne, and I’ve continued planning and booking for this year’s main trip.

View across and from the top of the Lion’s Rock – Sri Lanka

Which is coming in March – so not far away – and I will be spending four weeks away in two countries I have visited previously. Sri Lanka, last visited in 2012, and India, which I have visited three times, however the most recent was in fact 2004. A lot has changed in 14 years.

Temple near Jaipur.

In fact I am returning to Rajasthan, the focus of my first visit to India back LAST CENTURY! It was 1999 and it was like being hit with a sledge hammer. I was using a film camera. I was a novice backpacker. So this year it’s a return to a place that challenged me fully when I was last there. This time, I hope things go smoother than they did (but am fully expectant they won’t). I’m flying into Jaipur, getting out the desert and Jaisalmer (new town for me) and Jodphur (also never visited) and hoping to do a day trip to Pushker from Jaipur.

Sri Lanka will (touch wood) see me get to the south, to Galle and surrounds, and also into the Hill Country, catch up with friends, and see a little of downtown Colombo.

I’m hoping that Sri Lanka will be a slower, easier pace for me. I’ve six nights in Galle booked, and there shouldn’t be any one night here, two nights there business which my trips these days seem to be.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride. I’m not sure if I’ll blog too much from the road bar general updates. We’ll see how it all pans out. And there will surely be more blogs done from home, looking back on places I have been. I also hope to get away for 1-2 weeks in November, but haven’t locked in a location.

Anyways, please keep reading and commenting, and here’s to a great 2018 ahead! May the Journey Never End!

18 thoughts on “2018 – To Somewhere… and Beyond!

  1. Good on you and happy new year! I’m also hoping for 2018 to be better than 2017. If I’m honest, because I follow this blog, when posts come in every day I don’t read them. But I opened this one because it had been a while since I’d heard anything and I wondered what you were up to. So I hope it works out for you blogging less often! I also agree that as a blogger I’m always wanting to do and get more. But with my current lifestyle (long work days), it just doesn’t work out that way most of the time. Anyway here’s to a great 2018 and I hope your travels are terrific.

  2. A bit of rest is always good…I was amazed and applaud that you managed to post so frequently while working so much too. I know that I couldn’t do that so you are really very good at keeping to it. I imagine that it’s quite hectic so am glad that you will be able to get a bit of break this year. Hope that good things will come to you for 2018 and can’t wait to read more about your travels. 🙂

  3. I try to keep my blogging casual and not think about goals that much (though I’m a goal-oriented person!) Just post when I feel like it amd what I feel like. If it’s too often or not often enough, I don’t mind 😄 Hope 2018 will be a good year to you! I enjoy your blog (you are SUCH a seasoned traveller!!!!!) and hope you’ll still keep blogging, at a pace that feels good!

  4. Shikha (whywasteannualleave)

    Yes to this Andy!! I went through a phase of hating blogging because I was getting so demoralised by stupid things like page views and SEO and things that went well above my head and then I asked myself why any of it even matters considering I write out of passion as a hobby and not to monetise and when I took the pressure off myself and stopped giving a crap about all that, all of a sudden, the words started to flow, I fell back in love with writing and now I just write on my own terms at my own pace. Looking forward to seeing more of your travels from Rajasthan – despite nearly all my extended family living in India, that’s a region I’ve still never made it to!

  5. Sounds you have a good plan for the new year! Lucky you to have another travel adventure set up soon in 2018, I love the idea to revisit a country. I won’t worry too much about SEO and page views unless if you wish to monetize your blog. What matters I think, we enjoy the process of blogging and having readers who always returning to your blog for inspiration. You have great materials to write and you have been to many countries compared to other travel blogs that I have read (and even myself). Keep blogging and looking forward to reading your travel stories – they are always inspiring to me 🙂

  6. Blogging 4x a week is seriously intense. I’m impressed you managed it…since I only manage to post once or twice a month, if I’m lucky. But sounds like you have some wonderful travels planned for 2018. I’ve been missing India myself lately… will look forward to seeing your current impressions! Happy new year! 🙂

  7. Nice post Andy. I agree with Shikha above, you have to do it because you enjoy it. Sometimes it’s tough and you’re not in the mood or the subject matter isn’t easy to work with, but for me it’s about memories and getting them down. Monetization – too many people take it too far. Just sick of the popups and the ads all over the page.In the end the better blogs (I didn’t say more successful!) are the ones where people actually show passion in their blogs and don’t try to sell you something on every post.

    Continue the good work!
    Frank (bbqboy)

    1. im glad you agree Frank. I know there are many bloggers out there making money off their blogs. and it would be nice. but i just dont think i have the skills or time to work it. but i still like running a blog. a lot. so im going to try to not worry too much about the views etc and posting so often.

  8. I’m with you on taking it easy on blog posting. I most appreciate those bloggers who only post when they have something passionate to say. Posting for the sake of posting and page views (which I don’t think I’ve ever really looked at for my blog – haha) is not something I’m into. Sorry you had a tough year, but your two upcoming trips sound great!

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