Foto Friday – Hotel Room, Lahore

Another photo I'm sharing today with you. My hotel room back in 2004. I very rarely photographed where I was staying back then, but I think this photo shows you my level of 'being organised' back then. Not that I'm much better now! Thanks for stopping by! May the Journey Never End!


Essential Travel Tips to Pakistan!

Pakistan is an exciting, vibrant, colourful country that you may not have considered visiting before.There’s no doubt that it’s not a natural choice as a country to visit, it is rugged and intrepid in many ways, but that also to me adds an air of excitement to travel. The tourist trail is not well laid out, and despite some fairly comfortable transport options on the ground, it is not nearly as straight forward as many countries which are far more popular with the tourists. So let’s see what you need to know for a trip… to Pakistan!

Interview with – Pioneering Nigerian Travel Blogger, Eromonsele Emmanuel!

Today's travel blogger that I've interviewed is Nigerian travel blogger from Lagos, Eromonsele Emmanuel. He has a wonderful blog, with so much information for travel and life in Nigeria it's hard to know where to start! He's not just great at blogging, but he's a very active member in the blogging community as well connecting people and always around for a chat and advice. I feel privileged to have stumbled on his blog a year or more ago now. Enjoy!

Roxy heads to incredible Ladakh

Ladakh and this part of India, the always controversial and disputed Jammu and Kashmir, have been in the news this year for mostly the wrong reasons with troops firing at each other from the Indian and Chinese sides of the border and general unrest. But there's no doubt that at the same time there is some special and peaceful about this part of the world. Roxy continues her incredible round the world by bike trip in this breathtaking region!