Dushanbe – Through My Lens

Dushanbe is the Tajikistan capital. The biggest and most impressive city there is in all of Tajikistan. An interesting destination in a stunning, nay breathtaking country! And today I want to share some of my best photos of the place with you.

From the Navruz Palace, which I’ve already done a post on, to the National Museum the buildings are often a little more than what one might expect. The presence of the President, Emmmali Rahmon is felt in many places, as is the presence of an old Persian poet, Rudaki, after whom the main street is named and there’s a very nice statue devoted to him in the park, also devoted to Rudaki.

The city has a mix of old and new. You can see the old Soviet style mix with the modern structures. Pipes above the ground in some places even, whilst there are a number of mosques which I imagine didn’t exist or were closed down in Soviet times. Central Asian cities are such a strange blend of different elements and times and Dushanbe is no different. You’ll note in my three days there I one of glorious sunshine and two of rain. Enjoy!

Dushanbe is a pretty different, but likable city. I hope you liked my pics as much as I liked Dushanbe! Thanks for dropping by – May the Journey Never End!


7 thoughts on “Dushanbe – Through My Lens

  1. Thank you for this snapshot, I noticed the number of trees, along the streets or in the parks, as well as an unconventional sense of aesthetics, something exotic.

  2. I’ve been interested in visiting Tajikistan (particularly Dushanbe) since trying a Tajik-themed teahouse in Colorado several years ago. While it might not have been authentically Tajik, it nevertheless piqued my interest in learning more about the Central Asian country, and to hopefully see it for myself some day!

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