Simply Rio

It’s been a while since I’ve taken you to Brazil, to destination – Rio de Janeiro! So now would probably a good time to revisit one of my favourite cities in the world. Virtually, of course, actually going right now in the current climate in not advised, as Brazil has been so hard hit by you know what!

It’s a city that is really so attractive, it was designed to be put on postcards. In and around these rock mountains, for want of a better word. Taking the gondola/cable car up Sugarloaf mountain, you go from one to the next and it’s bloody brilliant. Christ the Redeemer is iconic, and a visit to a favela may not be on everyone’s list, but if you do go to one I can recommend Santa Marta. It’s eye opening but I think it’s possibly the best of the favelas and people seemed friendly and not to mind. Mind you, it was only myself and my guide.

So today it’s a little video I slapped together. As usual I wish I had more footage to share, but I’m still glad I shot something! As some places I only took photos. It’s only a glimpse of Rio at best, but I hope you enjoy one of my favourite cities in the world!


2 thoughts on “Simply Rio

  1. Rio certainly has a collection of iconic places that you can discover by yourself with interest. For me I have a preference for Ipanema, which seems safer and more relaxed than the rest of the city including Copacabana.

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