Foto Friday – Flavoured Ice in Pushkar

Hi all. Ahhh, the old-fashioned things that make you smile. A man makes and serves ice to kids just out of school. Don't see it done this way that often in 2019!

What has the Internet Done for Travel?

Since the introduction of air travel, nothing has revolutionised travel as much as the internet. Amazingly, ‘travel agent’ is still a thing, when you consider that it is perfectly possible to completely book your flights, accommodation, ground transport and travel insurance, and indeed tours from the comfort of your computer, tablet or phone in 2019. …

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Nuts & Bolts Guide to… India

Howdy all! Today I’m rolling out a new feature called the ‘Nuts & Bolts Guides’. Trying to, in one post, deliver some basic but solid information on countries I’ve visited which might be useful for the first time traveller. Today we’re starting with India. Basically… Population: 1.34 billion Area: 3.287 million km2 Borders: Nepal, Pakistan, …

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Eurovision’s Show-Stopping Winners!

Yes, goodness me, Eurovision we is FINALLY here. One semi-final down, another to go before the final. And today it's all about the WINNERS of Eurovision. The numbers that really blew the audience away. Minus, you know, the ones I've already mentioned. Johnny Logan & Celine Dion especially. Well okay, I'm going include Celine because …

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