1001 Posts – The Past and the Future

Hi all! Yes, this is the 1001st post on my blog! That’s since it moved over to WordPress which was in 2013. It’s… well it’s a ridiculously high number. I meant to have a bit of a celebratory post for the 1000th but Word Press had me fooled into thinking THIS would be the 1000th when in fact it was Monday’s post as it was scheduled at the time and didn’t count towards the total until actually ‘published’. Meh.

Blog Beginnings

I started blogging back in 2006 when I was headed to West Africa and I wanted a way to keep in contact with people at home – share how I was going and photos as well. As far as I knew a blog was just an online diary.

Fishing boats line up on the Cape Coast beach, Ghana. 2006

Taking it More Seriously

It wasn’t until I moved to Word Press that I started taking it more seriously and it became a real hobby for me. I’ve seen blogs out there with adverts and I know people can make sort of money off them, but the sort of total devotion to the blog – and I spend several hours a week on it – it was just a bit beyond me so I decided that I was/am happy enough motoring along.

The Numbers Game

Nevertheless, I do still get obsessed with the numbers, even if my numbers are really nothing at all to write home about. Two weeks ago I think was my best week for the year, last week was one of the worst and I did very little different, it’s all a bit of a mystery really.

Top Posts

Rio volleyball Ipanema

So anyways, I thought I’d link a small number of my more successful posts. You’ll see that the most popular one at the moment and for quite some time has been the Classic Escapes post I did back in 2016.

The City Rumbles have become so of the most popular posts on the entire blog. In particular these two –

Shanghai Versus Tokyo

Buenos Aires Versus Rio de Janeiro

I’ve done a LOT of reviews. Hotels, experiences, airlines. And the airline reviews do okay, a couple very well, the hotel reviews however seem to fall very flat, and I’ve considered stopping them but honestly, I try to commit to at least three posts a week and I need to keep, as best as possible and as much of the time as possible, to travel. Here are a couple of the most popular airline reviews.



Then there are odds and sods. A couple more posts for your perusal. Firstly, I did two posts. Cities which are great to return to. And then the opposite – cities NOT to return to. Bizarrely, the more ‘negative’ post has turned out to be much more popular.

Chile and the Andes – my first look at South America!

Cities NOT to Return to…

And then there was the time I critiqued ‘Married at First Sight’, which is probably the post most loosely linked to travel. But hey – it was popular!

Denmark’s Worst Export – Married at First Sight

And finally last week’s post inspired by Game of Thrones, one of my favourite recent posts.

Why Not Consider… Westeros?

Looking into the Crystal Ball

So the future. Well, this year’s trip is happening, touch wood, late October (like right at the end) until mid-December. Seven weeks – that’s the longest I’ve been away since South America in 2016. It’s a very varied itinerary – Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Israel, Belarus, Spain and Portugal (at this stage) and has used up a lot of frequent flyer points. Whatever happens in 2020 it won’t come close to touching that. I’m guessing it will be a much quieter year on the travel front.

Thanks for following my blog, and thanks for reading today. Take Care – and May the Journey Never End!

4 thoughts on “1001 Posts – The Past and the Future


    1001 😮 Wowsers!

    I realized lately that I can get the number of a post from its URL in the WP stats area and through that realized that I have actually written more than a 1000 too. But I deleted many when I was making changes and then I have 100 drafts and 90 pending etc and only 488 published … and that’s since 2008. So 1001 since 2013 …. m(_ _)m . Here’s to the next 1001!!! kampai 🍻

  2. Congratulations on that great milestone. I just posted my 1000th post today which is probably why your post came up. It looks like you have had some great adventures and hope your next trip goes well. We are also traveling in October but we are heading to Germany.

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