Benin – Through My Lens

Hi folks! Time to turn the clock back a decade plus to my time in the West African country of Benin. A country with a history linked to the slave trade to the Americas, it has it’s own beauty and despite the fact I only had five nights there, I appreciated visiting. Apart from the main city, Cotonou, I went to Ouidah, on the coast. From here slaves were marched to the beach to waiting ships. Many did not survive the march.

The town is quite colonial in feel and has an old fort which is now a museum. I also took a boat out on the Lake Nokoue, to the village on Ganvie which is on stilts. I took a train north towards Niger, to the town of Parakou. From there it was bush taxi to the border.

Monument to those who were captured to become slaves in the New World – boats left from here,
Bell in Ouidah
Boats on the beach.
Palm trees on the coast.

Boats on Lake Nokoue,
Cotonou Station.
A dusty street in Ouidah.
The stilted village of Ganvie.
Goods train at Cotonou
From the Historical Museum in Ouidah.
On a boat heading to the village of Ganvie.

Ouidah Lagoon.

Nokoue Lake – boarding point.
Interesting statue near Ouidah,

Tourists had bought a military ambulance and were touring Africa.
Village taken from the train on the way to Parakou

Thanks for stopping by today – May the Journey Never End!

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