Scammed! In India!

scam India banner

Hi folks! I have been keeping away from Tuesday postings of late, bar last week. This week I thought that I would share some posts from last year that proved really popular. In fact, the Jaipur post has proven to be my second most popular post of all time, so it must be, you know, okay!

India is a challenging country and you do have to be wary of where you are, what you’re doing and the people around you. These three posts tell of how I was or nearly was scammed in India.


Scammed in India – Jaipur

Scammed in India – Delhi

Scammed in India – Mumbai


So there are some tales for you all today! Hope you are well – and May the Journey Never End!

India banner

4 thoughts on “Scammed! In India!

  1. Mate, you are saving our lives here! We just flew to India. On our first day we explore Delhi, then moved to Agra. Now we are staying 3 days in Jaipur. People keep offering us help (either guidance or a lift), but we often ignore them. We’ve been informed about scams on foreigners and we’re super careful. Sorry to hear about your bad experience and let’s hope it won’t happen to us!

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