Look Who Fell for the Same Delhi Scam as me!

Hi all, yes it’s time for another ‘from around the web’ style video, and yes, we’re going back to Mr Bald and his ‘Bald and Bankrupt’ channel.

You may remember I wrote a post, a few years back now, about getting scammed in India. It’s here, and it’s called ‘Scammed in India!‘ as I am very imaginative with post titles. Actually it links you to three posts talking about scams in Delhi, Jaipur and Mumbai. (for the specific incident you want Scammed in Delhi)

Basically, I arrived late from Agra by train and couldn’t find a rickshaw willing to take me to my hostel. I ended up being taken to a sort of faux-tourist agency and ended up in a hotel I really didn’t like. Thankfully this one wasn’t expensive at all.

Well, it turns out Mr Bald, seasoned traveller to India, had a very similar experience…

Thanks for popping by today – May the Journey Never End!


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