City Rumble – Seville Versus Mumbai

Mumbai takes on Seville in a City Rumble that will go right down to the wire! Which city will come out victorious? Which would YOU rather visit?

Scammed! In India!

Hi folks! I have been keeping away from Tuesday postings of late, bar last week. This week I thought that I would share some posts from last year that proved really popular. In fact, the Jaipur post has proven to be my second most popular post of all time, so it must be, you know, …

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Scammed in India – Mumbai

How quickly would it take on my second visit to India to be in strife again? Well, as it turned out, not long! The flight from London was, to say the least, ‘bouncy’. I’d taken dozens of flights in 1999, but somehow I must have missed any sort of decent turbulence. Not so in 2000-01, …

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