Seven on Sunday – High Towers of the World

Today’s post has come about because on my recent trip I went to two high towers to see the views in Sydney and Auckland. It’s always a fun thing to do when you arrive in a city, to find a high tower often purpose built for the views (along with communication reasons too), so here are seven I’ve been up.

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CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

From the CN Tower, Toronto.
From the CN Tower, Toronto.

At a massive 553 metres, you’d think nose bleeds would be the order of the day. It’s one of the highest towers in the world, I visited it in 1999. The wire oscuring the view was a bit disappointing. Toronto’s a great city, but not that amazing a view.


Tokyo Tower, Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo Tower.
The Tokyo Tower.

333 metres means that it’s around half the height of the Skytree, but as I haven’t been to the Skytree, Tokyo Tower is the best I can do for Tokyo. It’s a great city to look at from a height with its amazing tall buildings. Well worth a visit.


Sky Tower, Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland's Sky Tower
Auckland’s Sky Tower

I visited this only a week ago today. The tower itself is 328 metres, the highest in the Southern Hemisphere. The observation decks are not very interesting all in all – I like the idea of having a drink when you’re up there, but the café was closed sadly. The highlight is watching people do the Sky Jump, attached to a wire they drop from the 53rd floor down to the bottom of the tower. Mad. Not something I would ever do, but from the 51st floor you see them fly past which is kinda cool.

View of Auckland from the Sky Tower.
View of Auckland from the Sky Tower.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Through the frame looking down.
Through the frame looking down.
Doesn't get any more iconic!
Doesn’t get any more iconic!

Does it need an introduction. The view is really interesting, you get to see the business centre of town which as a tourist you might not get to visit, but also all the amazing landmarks of this great city. At 300 metres it’s not one of the tallest in the world today, but I think it’s safe to say it’s still the most iconic.


Byoterek, Astana, Kazakhstan

The Byoterek - ice cream or lollipop?
The Byoterek – ice cream or lollipop?
The weird and the wonderful from high - Astana.
The weird and the wonderful from high – Astana.

At only 105 metres this is the shortest of the seven towers I’ve mentioned, but also the most unique. It’s shaped like an ice cream! The views are still pretty impressive of Astana, a city full of unique and interesting structures.


Kyoto Tower, Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto Tower.
Kyoto Tower.
View of Kyoto from Tower.
View of Kyoto from Tower.

My first day in Japan ever and I went up the Kyoto Tower. I confess it made the list mostly because Kyoto is such a special city, you simply must get a view of it from up high! 131 metres and not far from the main train station, it gives a great view of Kyoto and surrounds. Perfect way to start off exploring a city!


Sydney Tower

Sydney Tower
Sydney Tower

Going by a few different names, what used to be known as Centrepoint Tower actually is a pretty decent experience once you get past the people at the bottom wanting to take your photograph on green screen. 303 metres, you can do a Skywalk at the top that if you’re not terrified of heights like I am might be appealing. The views are great and there are facilities for drinks and food up there which I thought was good, despite the prices.

View of Sydney Harbour from above.
View of Sydney Harbour from above.

So folks, do you like getting an aerial view of a city before you explore it? It gives you context at the very least. I must say, these days it’s not cheap to go up a tower – between $25 and $30 for Sydney and Auckland in the last two weeks for me, and I think the two in Japan are similarly priced. So, it’s not essential. But, the views are almost always good. Unless there’s fog…. Which towers have you visited?

May the Journey Never End!

4 thoughts on “Seven on Sunday – High Towers of the World

  1. Love getting high in a new city!

    I’ve done Eureka Tower in Melbourne, Sydney Tower, the minaret of Badshahi Mosque in Lahore, Some tall tower in Bangkok with a buffet at the top (can’t remember the name), the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye (not a tower, but a ‘high’ view of London all the same), the spires at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Roppongi Hills Tower in Tokyo, the Skytower in Auckland and the Arch of Neutrality in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. All lots of fun!!

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