Foto Friday – Hotel Room, Lahore

Another photo I'm sharing today with you. My hotel room back in 2004. I very rarely photographed where I was staying back then, but I think this photo shows you my level of 'being organised' back then. Not that I'm much better now! Thanks for stopping by! May the Journey Never End!

I Went to Pakistan… So You Don’t Have To!

In fact right now you pretty much can’t travel anywhere. Which is the point of these posts. But it’s time to look, virtually, at Pakistan because actually it’s a real surprise packet of a country that perhaps travellers will start to return to when restrictions are lifted. In the last fifteen years it has not …

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Travel Bloggers – Tim Blight

Hi folks! I am starting a brand new series of blogs to grace Sundays - interviews with Travel Bloggers! I will be presenting some questions that are designed to let the bloggers write heaps about themselves, so hopefully the readers will be interested enough to go and see what they have to offer. Today I start …

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World Journeys Podcast – Pakistan with Tim Blight [Series 2 Ep 9]

Tim Blight from Urban Duniya is back in the penultimate episode of Series Two of the World Journeys Podcast. We talk about Pakistan in this podcast, a country close to Tim's heart, and ask the question - 'what's it like to travel there now?' and talk about safety of course. Also, see how Tim blitzes …

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First Taste – Lahore, Pakistan

Okay. Pakistan is probably not first, second or third on your list of places to go, but it is worth considering these days I’d say even if you just fancy a quick look there to see what it’s like. If you do that, you’re city of choice is likely to be the one that was …

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