Markets, Trains, Temples and Bangkok

Well good evening folks as at least it is as I write this. WordPress is delaying my posts by four hours for some reason now that I’m posting on my tablet.
What a whirlwind two days I have had in Bangkok and tomorrow morning I fly out to Mandalay in Myanmar. Then I have to find transport to Pyin Oo Lwin. So tomorrow will be one of the more challenging days of the trip. But enough of days that may never come let me in brief tell you of my last two days.
When I arrived in Bangkok on Saturday evening I booked a tour for Sunday. So it was at about 12.30pm that I was picked up by a minibus which took me and about 15 others out of the city to see three things.


The first was the ‘train market’, or that’s what it’s known as in brochures. A food market tightly packed in along a length of track. 2.30pm and there’s a ‘toot’. All the awnings are pulled down and everything brought in. All the tourists move to the side and I suck my big ‘ol gut in as a passenger train trundles through. Half a minute later and the awnings are pulled out and people are buying again! Highlight of the day.
One goal I had was to see a floating market, which is why I chose this tour. Next we visited Amphawa Market, stalls alongside a river. Lots to buy, but you’ll find all the stuff in most tourist places in Thailand. There are seats along parts of the river and boats cook and serve food to the people sitting there, but I didn’t feel I had the full ‘floating market’ experience.


Night fell and at least we got onto boats, to see fireflies. And we did, but not the hundred thousands in the brief. Some trees might have had twenty flashing away, and one came up to the boat which was nice. But, disappointing to be honest.


Today I braved public transport and went to the14th century capital Ayutthaya. Some amazing, old temples there I can’t believe I hadn’t been before. A fair few tourists, many taking selfies, but some wonderful sites and I walked a few kms too which is good. The sites are spread out over the whole town, I saw about half a dozen ancient temples, which I think was enough. The highlight was wat Mahatha with the head of a stone Buddha peering through the roots of a tree. I won’t be able to post pics of that sorry, not on my micro SD but when I get home I certainly will.


As for Bangkok. Well. It’s big and loud and I realised I don’t like it much. It was my first city as a traveller and here in the Khao San Road area (backpackers’ area) it’s more polished than 15 years ago, but more fake. And loud, loud music pumping from every bar like it’s the start of tubing in Vang Vieng. But more on that when I get back too. Myanmar tomorrow with no idea how the net connections will be! May the journey never end!

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