Arrival in Bangkok

Well, I’m finally away and here in Bangkok. I took the Boeing 787 dreamliner with jetstar which is a pretty nice aircraft and I was pretty impressed. I found myself pretty tired yet sleeping proved difficult and I realised how hard I’ve been pushing myself this year with work. Every free second I had I needed to get ready and so I was still pretty stressed when I boarded.


Thankfully my new galaxy tablet kept me amused for the flight and I discovered that mahjong is really addictive.  I hope that I can do a bit over my two days in Bangkok as I am seriously feeling the need for rest right now.  I have a few things planned such as floating markets and getting a thai massage – the type where you get stretched until you are a foot taller. We will see. When i get home I will be reviewing all the flights and hotels but I had three seats to myself which was nice although a bit of turbulence which was not!
At the airport things were nice and smooth and I was soon on the train to the city. Once off the train I had to negotiate a taxi and was determined to get one using the meter. I was accosted by a group of drivers at the station but they disappeared on the word ‘meter’ so I flagged one over. He refused to use the meter. The next thankfully was happy to use it although he did get a bit lost!


Eventually here at Wild Orchid Villa I must confess to being a little disappointed in the roombutthe restaurant seems nice.  I booked a tour for tomorrow afternoon so already at it. Bangkok is busy and tonight at least cooler than I remember.


Stay tuned for more via the blog I will do my best to keep you informed.  The detail nay not be there as I don’t want to spend half each day writing but I’ll flesh it out more when I get home. May the journey never end.



  1. Looking forward to hearing about your trip on the Dreamliner – I loved it. And totally know what you mean about pushing too had with work – my new years resolution is to work less this year (at least after March 23, when a couple of my projects wrap up). Safe travels!

  2. Have an amazing time Andrew – what a pity that you had 3 seats all to yourself but still couldn’t sleep well! I think lots of us bloggers can end up spending so much of our travels writing passionately and end up seeing less of a place so just explore, enjoy and we can read the details when you’re back ☺ I regret not making it to the floating market when I went to Bangkok!

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