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Today’s Travel Blogger series sees my interview Svetlana from Maverickbird. Hers was one of the first travel blogs I ever started following religiously. It’s full of beautiful photos and exotic places, but I think the BEST thing about it is the content. The writing is so in-depth and carefully thought out. It will make you think and consider your place in the world. So, I do hope you enjoy my interview with Svetlana!

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Hi. I am Svetlana, a travel blogger and entrepreneur from India. Maverickbird is not only my travel blog, but also my baby and it is all about travel story telling. I believe that everybody who has travelled comes back with deep impressionable memories and a part of the place within themselves. But just how much travelling affects us, can only be expressed in stories, not just mere summarization of travel facts of a place. Every place has stories, myths, legends and people who inspire memories and feelings, and my travel blog is all about that along with a few handy tips thrown in.

Tarabuco, Bolivia

Tarabuco, Bolivia

  1. What made you decide to start a blog?

Maverickbird started around 4 years back, in the middle of nowhere in Bolivia. I was on a long South American trip and was homesick like crazy, when terrible hotel standards at Uyuni town had made me feel really blue. Thankfully the free wifi had been fast and so I had started writing online just to vent out my thoughts. Those had been mere travel diary posts, which I had started sending to an editor friend as letters and it was she who had inspired to start a proper travel blog.

A rickshaw in Kolkata.

A rickshaw in Kolkata.

  1. What have your favourite experiences been away from home/the place where you were born?

My favourite food memories are from my hometown and autumn smells of Kolkata inspire me. Those are fragrances of a very particular autumn flower called shiuli, white feathery kans grass, wild, woody aroma of the flowering Devil’s Tree or Chatim and a deep blue sky. If you can ever smell warm happy sunshine, Kolkata autumns guarantee that experience and it is my favourite indulgence in the world.



Svetlana in Cuba.

Svetlana in Cuba.

Many places away from home have touched me with some soul deep experiences. Some have made me more aware, many have taught me humanity and a few have imbibed humility in me. Places with controversial auras like Iran, Cuba, Yemen etc have been most eye opening experiences and they have taught to seek what lies beneath; the unshown, invisible and the common human threads.

svetlana in south goa

  1. When you write your blog, who are you writing for?

I am a selfish writer, so when I write my blog posts, I write for myself, to relive those moments and transport myself back to that time and place. Every now and then, I get feedback from my readers and friends to include travel tips and that’s when I realize that people are actually reading what I am writing.



  1. What advice would you give for anyone wanting to start their own travel blog?

Be honest, write straight from your heart and do remember that you are writing about somebody’s home, culture and feelings.

  1. What do you enjoy writing about most on your blog?

I write only about travel and my stories are all about people, food, culture and places. Having said that, I think that I prefer writing about experiences more than food, cultural insights etc.

south goa 1

  1. What’s the hardest thing about running a blog?

The hardest thing for me is to re continue writing after a pause. It is a terrible feeling when you can’t get back to what you were doing and enjoying and the dry block is the hardest to overcome.

  1. Please recommend three blog posts you’d like readers of this to read!

I personally enjoy reading and re reading about my Yemen, Cuba (Outside India) and Tribal Odisha (India) experiences.

  1. How can people find your blog and find you on social media?

My blog goes by and my social media handles are as follows –

Instagram and Twitter – Maverickbirds

Facebook – Maverickbird

svetlana in amritsar

Thank you for including me Andrew. I had a great fun filling up this questionnaire and being a part of your travel bloggers initiative.


And a HUGE thanks to Svetlana too. Please do take the time to check out her AMAZING blog. Next Sunday travel bloggers will return! Tomorrow – I head to Japan for my ‘first taste’ of that country! May the Journey Never End!

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  1. Enjoyed reading this featured post. Svetlana is not just a wonderful blogger, she is a wonderful person, too. I follow her blog from the very beginning of my travel blogging days and enjoyed her Yemen, Iran and Indonesia series most.

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