Essential Tips for Travel in Japan!

So what do you need to know if headed to Japan? Today I’ll talk a little about the people, customs, language and culture, things to be aware of as a foreigner, and talk a bit about transport and accommodation options. And as always I will finish with a few recommendations on what to see and where to go in incredible Japan! Thanks for joining me!


Sunday Spotlight – Batumi, Georgia

Yes, another Sunday, another ‘Spotlight’, and today we’re heading to Georgia and its second (or maybe third) city of Batumi. It sits on the eastern edge of the Black Sea, and has a population of 155,000 or so (so not particularly big). However, it is pretty much Georgia’s second city, and it is by far …

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Jaswant Thada – Jewel in Jodhpur’s Crown!

As readers should know, I loved Jodhpur when I visited a few months back now, in fact it became my favourite city in Rajasthan. It sits slightly below and to the side of the incredible Mehrangarh Fort which watches over the whole city of Jodhpur. In fact, it’s only a very short walk from the …

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Sunday Spotlight – Arequipa (Peru)

You might say that Arequipa is the perfect subject for ‘Sunday Spotlight’. It’s a pretty little town, not a big city, and it’s not the most well-known destination in South America, but it’s a rewarding place to stop. I thought it was a very worthwhile stop in Peru, much more pleasant than Lima, and although …

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