Things I Wouldn’t Do a Second Time!

Have you ever done something which seemed 'cool' at the time, but later you look back and realise it was something you shouldn't have done.

Touts, Hassle and Hustlers – Dealing with travel’s ‘Sticky Moments’

We all know that travel comes with some challenges sometimes, sometimes things just don’t run smoothly, you forget things, you miss a connection, you get sick at the wrong time. All of these are hassles, but two hassles that you KNOW you will encounter when you go to certain places – for example Morocco, India, Egypt, parts of SE Asia for example, are touts and hustlers. How do you spot one before it's too late, and how should you deal with the situation? I examine these two questions.

Trip of a Life Time – Devon and Edinburgh

Don’t you hate it when you head somewhere and then years later realise, you have no idea where you were? Now with my diaries from this trip gone, I can only guess at the name of the town I stayed at when I was in the county of Devon, in the south of England. It’s …

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World Journeys Podcast – Backpacking Europe (Episode 9 w/ Jock Read-Hill)

In today's podcast I speak with Jock Read-Hill about backpacking through Europe, in particular the UK and Turkey. This is a great podcast with lots of humour and some great anecdotes! Jock is a highly talented fellow from down Melbourne way - writer, actor, chef and more. We also chat a little about hostels and travelling Australia. …

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A little more Travel Inspiration

Yes folks, I wanted to bring a couple more posts to your attention. There are so many inspiring travel bloggers out there, here are three awesome posts from three great travel bloggers out there. Firstly, Derek Freal. He's out of Indonesia now thankfully and safe enough. Here's the blog he put up when he was …

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Beautiful Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

Howdy all! Today I want to take you to a seriously beautiful place on this planet, in a country in Southern Europe you might not have visited but if not, should definitely be on your list! Slovenia is a wonderful mix of history and nature. Ljubljana is an amazing capital with a castle, rivers, gorgeous …

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The Self-publishing continues from home – Short Journeys: Japan

Whew! Well folks, I have finally managed to epublish Short Journeys: Japan. It's been a lot of work and it felt like I would never get the thing finished, to be honest, but finished it is and finally ready to buy on Amazon, Payhip and Lulu, all at the same time! Which is a first …

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