A little more Travel Inspiration

Yes folks, I wanted to bring a couple more posts to your attention. There are so many inspiring travel bloggers out there, here are three awesome posts from three great travel bloggers out there.

Firstly, Derek Freal. He’s out of Indonesia now thankfully and safe enough. Here’s the blog he put up when he was able to access the net before battery life ran out for his computer. If you recall, Derek was held in jail waiting to be deported from Indonesia owing to a tweet he sent out. We had a few fears for him for a little while!



Zahariz’s blog ‘Diary of Traveller’ is one I featured last time, however you might not have realised that he is also making a film about his amazing cycling tour around China and Central Asia. He is currently in Osh, Kyrgyzstan, after crossing the desert by bicycle in 50 degree heat! His latest blog post features the trailer to his film.


and about crossing the desert in 50 degree heat –

Problems and Solutions that Road Provides

Emily Luxton has been travelling South America for some months now, and facing a return home. Her posts and pictures of Bolivia have been particularly inspiring, and this is my absolute favourite. When I saw this post, I knew straight away that this is one place I HAD to go.

Uyuni Train Cemetery 

So, a little more about what I’ve been amazed and inspired by. Ok, I’m not inspired to stay in an Indonesian prison so much, but Derek’s travels are inspiring! There are so many inspirational travellers out there, I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll have another of these posts. Tomorrow however, we are back on the rails with another train journey. Until then, may the journey never end!


One thought on “A little more Travel Inspiration

  1. When you think that a simple Tweet can get you in that much trouble… it’s crazy. I think it should be a lesson from all of us, never assume what we do is OK when we are abroad. Standands, rules and dregrees of acceptability are different. I currently live in Libya and while i blog quite freely about a lot of topics, there are also loads of things that i keep off my blog. Better safe than sorry. It’s a great relief though to know he is now out of prison and all, must have been terrifying.

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