The Bizarre Nursultan – Through My Lens

Howdy all. So I’m on a bit of a ‘Kazakhstan’ hit as you may have noticed at the moment. And today I am looking at it’s incredible, if very ‘different’ capital, the renamed ‘Nursultan’. Formerly known as Astana, it’s been renamed after their former President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who has his own museum in the city.

Back in the day before the President moved the capital from the southern Almaty, it was a cold, unimpressive city named Akmola, which translates into the very enticing name of ‘White Tomb’ in English. You’ll see through the photos some of the old parts of the city which, in 2011 at least, still had a bit of ‘Sovietness’ about them.

Today’s city though is ultra-modern and rivals Ashgabat in Turkmenistan for large, perhaps garish buildings which make your draw drop. If you want to see a bit of Ashgabat, check out 26 Photos of Ashgabat to BLOW your Mind! The city (Nursultan) has a number of buildings designed by the eminent architect Norman Foster and others of his ilk. You may be surprised, you may be shocked, but you won’t be bored by Nursultan!

When I was in (as it was then) Astana, my camera had developed an issue. A little bit of mold apparently had crept into the lens and so can see a couple of strange shapes in some pictures. I actually replaced it in Astana, and so other photos don’t have it at all. By the time I got to visit the Palace of Peace and Accord, now renamed the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (admittedly a much better name), this incredible pyramid shaped building, I had bought the new camera.

The Khan Shatyr is another amazing building, which looks somewhat like a tent but is in fact a large shopping mall and entertainment centre which even has a couple of rides at the top!

Although an even more impressive mosque has now been built in Nursultan, the Nur-Astana Mosque was the largest there at the time, and the largest in Kazakhstan.

There are countless interesting buildings all through the city, including apartment buildings, office buildings, a building shaped like an egg and the Bayterek Monument, which is also a tower you can go up via lift!

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Thanks for popping by today and having a little look at one of the world’s more interesting cities! Take care, and May the Journey Never End!


10 thoughts on “The Bizarre Nursultan – Through My Lens

  1. It seems a country that is still rather little visited, it’s interesting to see what it looks like. The modernist architecture is certainly a curiosity and you seemed to appreciate it, at least as a curiosity.

  2. The windows are colorful and beautifully geometric. Astounding architecture in such a lesser-known country, and all the more reason to go and see for oneself!

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