Gaudi’s Barcelona

Howdy all from Barcelona. It’s been another non-stop few days in this city and I’ve one more to go! When last you joined me, I was about to head off to a Flamenco performance at the Palau de la Musica de Catalunya two nights ago.

This venue is pretty amazing actually, and was one of the reasons I chose to see Flamenco there rather than at one of these places which are dotted everywhere around the tourist areas of Barcelona where you get dinner and a drink as well as a Flamenco Show. And I did not regret, despite getting seats above and to the side of the stage, it was a great night!

Yesterday it was a trip to another Antoni Gaudi spot, this time the Park Guell. It’s a park designed in part by Gaudi, ie. All the architecture in the park is his. It includes a few buildings, lots of leaning columns and more. It was never fully completed to the original plan, but it’s interesting enough if you can get past all the people posing for selfies.

Then today the Gaudi tour continued  –  and there can be no doubt, Barcelona is Gaudi’s city, his designs are a major influence on it, its look, its feel and indeed his work is often promoted as a reason to come Barcelona. Today it was the crowning achievement, and the building with an estimated finishing date of 2026, a hundred years after Gaudi’s death – the Sagrada Familia.

This building is THE reason I have wanted to come to Barcelona for many a year now. And this morning I can tick that off my bucket list. It rises so high, and it feels so much bigger inside than you would think before entering. And by getting in at 9am – you take a time slot and there are limited entrances allowed per day and slot – I was able to beat the crowd and wander with some sort of space. By the time I left, yes it was filling and the selfie-sect were out in force. Going up the Passion Tower was pretty cool too – a little vertigo inducing and such a great view of the city.

From there we took the funicular up to the castle on Montjuic for some more great views, and the to the Joan Miro Foundation. I don’t know much about modern art but… well I think I’ll be doing a whole post on what I saw in that place. Let’s just say the was a board saying he considered his work ‘anti-painting’ at one point.

Okay well one more day here in Barcelona and then it’s southwards to Andalucía and the city of Seville! Thanks for popping by! May the Journey Never End!

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