Delhi – Through My Lens

Destination Delhi! My best pictures - that's what you're here for today! Regular readers of my blog will know that Delhi is one of my LEAST favourite cities in the world. But to be fair, it doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of interesting things to photograph there.

Jaipur, the PINK city – Through My Lens

Tuesday means it's time to present you all with some of my best photos from a featured location, and today that location is India's amazing Jaipur, the capital (I think...) of the Rajasthan State with a fine collection of Mughal buildings and architecture, a lake, the Amber Fort not too far from the city limits …

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Foto Friday – Smiles in Mali

I thought I would do a regular, short Friday spot where I would present one photo and let people comment. 2007, I went trekking at the Dogon Escarpment in Mali. Stunning place, where the Earth shifted at some point dramatically and there is a giant cliff in the middle of nowhere. Villages on top and …

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