Dakar – Through My Lens

Hi all. I visited Dakar, the capital of Senegal, quite a while ago now – it was 2007. I found it a pleasant destination, although not one with a lot of highlights I guess it’s fair to say.

Perhaps it’s most attractive (and this is ironic because it’s the place where slaves left for the new world and were also imprisoned) element is the Ile de Goree, a short ferry ride from Dakar. You can see pictures of that here – Ile de Goree – Through My Lens. Yes, I have already covered it so today it’s time to look at the capital on its own. As you will see, I didn’t leave with a huge amount of amazing pictures. But I think I took enough to capture a little of what the city was like.

There are a number of colonial buildings in Dakar. It’s a city with the main CBD based at the very end of this peninsula. Some buildings reflect the past hundred years or so, there’s even a hint (sadly only a hint) of Art Deco in there. The Place d’Independance seemed like the closest thing to the centre of town, with lots of buildings it certainly felt like an administrative centre at least. Anyways – Enjoy!

Statue near the train station
Dakar Gare Routiere
In the background – the airport
An almost art-deco building in Dakar

Thanks for popping by today! May the Journey Never End!


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