Travel Itinerary – Trans-Mongolian Railway

Howdy all. I’ve been meaning to outline the places and route I took earlier this year when on the 3rd of May I left Beijing for to take the train across three countries – China, Mongolia and Russia – to far flung Moscow. Wait – is it Beijing that is far flung? I flew into Beijing on the 1st of May and I flew out of Moscow on the 20th. So nearly three weeks including time in Beijing and Moscow.

Basically, my itinerary was the following :

Beijing 1st – 3rd May (two nights)

One night on the train to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia

Ulaan Baatar (including one night in Terelj) 4th – 8th May (four nights)

Two nights on the train to Irkutsk (Russia)

Irkutsk 10th – 12th May (2 nights)

Two nights on the train to Ekanterinburg

Ekanterinburg 14th – 16th May (2 nights)

One night on the train to Moscow

Moscow 3 nights 17th – 20th May

So that’s a total of six nights on the train over four train trips. I took the K3 train from Beijing to Ulaan Baatar and also from Irkutsk to Ekanterinburg – that’s the official ‘Trans-Mongolian’ train. From Ulaan Baatar to Irkutsk I caught Train 263И, and from Ekanterinburg to Moscow my train was the 109M.

The highlights included –

Beijing – Great Wall of China, Forbidden Palace, great Chinese Food in Beijing.

Ulaan Baatar & Mongolia – exploring the city, temples, Palace of Bogd Khan, Mongolian dumplings, getting out Terelj and staying overnight in a ger (yurt), and climbing up the giant statue of Genghis Khan.

Iruktsk – Really pleasant, small city. Visiting historic houses, exploring and old ship, day trip to Lake Baikal and a good walk.

Ekanterinburg – the view of the city atop a tall building, the Icon Museum, learning the history of the Romanovs, free laundry at the Marins Park Hotel!

Moscow – St Basil’s Cathedral, Going to the symphony, seeing the embalmed body of Lenin, walking around Gorky Park, the State History Museum, Red Square… basically everything!

And that’s a short summary. For detailed information of my Trans-Mongolian train experience including videos, go follow these links –

Train Journeys – Beijing to Ulaan Baatar

Train Journeys – Ulaan Baatar to Irkutsk

Train Journeys – Irkutsk to Ekanterinburg

Train Journeys – Ekanterinburg to Moscow


Thanks for stopping by, May the Journey Never End!


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