48 Hours and $200 in Moscow

This time it’s destination Russia, and we are headed to its capital Moscow to see how we can make the best use of a little under two days and two hundred bucks!

City Rumble – Berlin versus Moscow

Okay. So here I’ve set myself up haven’t I? This is a really tricky face off between two BIG cities. One I’ve already had in a rumble before – that’s Moscow, when it faced off against compatriot Saint Petersburg. It didn’t quite win the race there. Will it fair any better against Germany’s capital? Read …

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In Search of Stalin’s Seven Sisters

Ever since I visited Russia earlier this year, and to be more precise Moscow, I wanted to do a post on ‘Stalin’s Seven Sisters’. It’s the sort of thing that appeals to me I guess – something to see, to hunt out in a city and say you saw them all. What are Stalin’s Seven …

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Travel Itinerary – Trans-Mongolian Railway

Howdy all. I’ve been meaning to outline the places and route I took earlier this year when on the 3rd of May I left Beijing for to take the train across three countries – China, Mongolia and Russia – to far flung Moscow. Wait – is it Beijing that is far flung? I flew into …

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