On This Day – May 5th 2017, Terelj Mongolian Adventure!

Today I’m cranking back the yearometer to 2017 this time, when I was on my Trans-Mongolian adventure from Beijing to Moscow via Ulaan Baatar. I wonder where I was on this exact day back in 2017… oh wow! It was the day I went on a bit of a tour in Mongolia from Ulaan Baatar to Terelj!

Border Crossing Experiences – the Good

One part of travelling still gets me a little excited is crossing borders. Although you know that an imaginary line on the ground that divides two countries really can’t bring that much difference, somehow it’s all pretty exciting stuff – especially when you are going into new territory -  country you have never been to …

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A Visit to Terelj, Mongolia

Mongolia. Before going I had visions of well, steppe steppe and more steppe. Basically a flat, featureless country that was wild and yet exciting and fascinating at the same time. But that’s not the total sum of Mongolia – of course it was never going to be. From deserts to villages, the amazing Ulaan Baatar …

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Travel Itinerary – Trans-Mongolian Railway

Howdy all. I’ve been meaning to outline the places and route I took earlier this year when on the 3rd of May I left Beijing for to take the train across three countries – China, Mongolia and Russia – to far flung Moscow. Wait – is it Beijing that is far flung? I flew into …

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Ulaan Baatar – Mongolian Capital, Surprise and Charm

I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I visited Ulaan Baatar, or if you prefer, ‘UB’, earlier this year. Would it be this large, over bearing Soviet megastructure, would it be more Chinese in style? What I found was neither. Yes, you will see remnants of Soviet times. Mongolia may have remained on the …

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