Moscow – Through My Lens

Today I point the lens in the general direction of the Russian capital Moscow – enjoy!

Window cleaning in the Kremlin.
Boarding a train on the Moscow Metro.
Tchaikovsky theatre.
Statue of Peter the Great.
Fountain in Gorky Park.
St Basil’s Cathedral.
Soldiers outside the Kremlin.
Propaganda poster in the Gulag Museum.
Artist in Red Square painting St Basil’s

Escalators – Moscow Metro.
Moskva River.
Kremlin & Moskva River.
Those Moscovite Scammers!

Lunch time in Moscow.

Modern building not far from my hotel.
Lighting a candle in the Novodevichy Monastery.
Statue of Lenin.
Light shines into St Basil’s.
On guard at the Kremlin.

Fountain outside the Kremlin.
Strange fountain
Clouds loom over the cathedrals in the Kremlin.

In uniform outside the Kremlin.

Acrobatics by tourists inside the Kremlin.

Thanks for stopping by – May the Journey Never End!

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