City Rumble – Beijing Versus Shanghai

Ni Hou! and it’s time for an all-China face off with two of the biggest Chinese cities there are – the capital Beijing and the metropolis of Shanghai. Both are great destinations, and actually completely different cities. There’s around 1,200 kilometres between these two cities, but what sets them apart from each other and which is the better city to visit?

Beijing – Pictures and Feel

The Chinese capital of Beijing is a pretty big city all told – over 21 million people. Recently the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen Square was commemorated. I saw a fascinating program on television where they interviewed those involved in the mass protests and it included a lot of footage actually shot at the time (not …

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Travel Itinerary – Trans-Mongolian Railway

Howdy all. I’ve been meaning to outline the places and route I took earlier this year when on the 3rd of May I left Beijing for to take the train across three countries – China, Mongolia and Russia – to far flung Moscow. Wait – is it Beijing that is far flung? I flew into …

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Accommodation Review – Jade Garden Hotel, Beijing

Hi folks. Back with another review of a place I stayed, we’re now rolling out the ones from my latest adventure. In Beijing I prebooked through hotels dot com. I’ve finally got to the point where I get a free night and am actually pretty close to another so that’s very exciting. I rifled through …

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Pan-Asia Panorama – Beijing and the Great Wall

Well, following my series of panorama shots from South America I now have another well to dip into of shots from my latest trip. Starting with Beijing and the Great Wall of China. I was surprised to find that I didn’t take nearly as many as I thought I might have. Still, how many photos …

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In China. That Wall Thing. (great!)

When I went to China at the beginning of May this year, more specifically to Beijing, it was about 95% to catch the first leg of the Trans-Mongolian train journey. However, as I was going there, I decided that I wanted to get to two of China’s great historical landmarks, the Forbidden City and the …

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Seven on Sunday – Reasons to Visit China in 2016

Well, despite economic issues that are sending rumbles through the world in the first month of 2016, it is probably the best time ever to visit the amazing country of China. With well over a billion souls, history to rival and dwarf most others, natural beauty and more, China is simply a country with it …

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