Georgia Through My Lens – Part Two

Continuing from last week’s look at my Georgian pictures, I present a selection from November and December of 2011. The weather changed quickly in November, with rain, freezing temperatures and snow seemingly coming from nowhere. I made a few trips into Batumi from the village I was living in, Jikhanjuri, including for a wedding where there was dancing, drinking, more food than you could poke a stick at and indoor fireworks!

Snow capped mountains behind the Black Sea – Batumi.

Snow capped mountains near Jikhanjuri

Black Sea fishing in cold Batumi.

Drinking at the wedding.

I took a few days to visit Kutaisi, a little north and east of Batumi. An interesting, pleasant town with a monastery not far out in beautiful mountains.

Motsameta Monastery.
Old building standing precariously over river in Kutaisi.
Statues in Kutaisi.

View from Motsameta Monastery.

My three months up in Georgia just before Christmas, I returned to the capital Tbilisi before flying home.

And that was Georgia through my lens. Which incidentally at the time was a basic Panasonic Lumix point and shoot. Thanks for stopping by – May the Journey Never End!

3 thoughts on “Georgia Through My Lens – Part Two

  1. Interesting how that old building had concrete walls at the base but not the rest of the other levels. I guess the waters do come up high there…living life on the edge, literally! haha…

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