Exhilerating Iguazu Falls

Good day, morning, afternoon or evening wherever you may be from Rio de Janeiro. Yes, I have less than 24 hours left and I am in the city that needs no introduction and has at least 3 famous songs written about it. But before I got here, I went to the falls that split three nations – Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

I reached there by plane, my first flight since I returned to Quite from Galapagos, a good seven weeks ago. I went via Buenos Aires from Bariloche flying LATAM who have proven a great airline for my trip. Probably shouldn’t praise too soon… 

I flew into the airport that services Puerto Iguazu, which is on the Argentine side. I was happy to find a taxi direct to Foz do Iguacu which is on the Brazillian side straight from the airport. 

At 700 peso, about $50US, it was a great option saving me a taxi into town, a bus to Foz, and another taxi to my hotel. Plus the border formalities as I wasn’t in a bus with loads of people were really quick. In fact, to my hotel in well under an hour.

The falls are easily reached by a bus from Foz do Iguacu, which had a stop very close to my hotel. The entrance is the entrance to the National Park, a fair way still from the falls. There are double decker buses included in entry to the falls, with stops for people wishing to do optional extra activities. I bought my ticket at the main gate for the Marcuco Safari, which takes you by boat up the Iguacu River to the falls and under one of the smaller ‘falls’.

That was an electric vehicle through the jungle, optional 30-minute walk through the jungle to a sort of lift that takes you down to the river and finall you board a speed boat. The ride was great and everyone got totally soaked by the falls. We also got to see the Argentinian Falls and the Brazillian ones from the river. The Brazillian ones are way bigger!

Then I went back up top and took the bus around to the main viewing areas where I took quite a few shots of the falls. Then it was back by bus and a taxi to the airport for a late afternoon flight to Rio, where you fine me now! They were pretty amazing, glad I got to see them, but would have liked an entire day because the whole boat thing was two hours which left me precious little time to see the falls from a dry place with my good camera.

Take care, thanks for reading, one blog left from South America. May the Journey Never End!

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