Simply Rio

Rio de Janeiro is one of my favorite cities and favorite destinations in the world. The views, the vibes, the beaches and more - Rio has it all! Come find out why I love it so!

My Favourite Cities in… South America!

Yes, the favourite cities roller coaster continues as another sun sets on the weekend. And this time it’s back over to the Americas and moving southwards to South America. I’ve only been there once, that was back in 2016 now which as 2020 splutters along is starting to look further and further back in time. …

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Iguazu Falls – Above and Below

The world has some pretty amazing natural wonders to see, and giant falls rate up there with the best features of our planet. You have Niagara Falls which borders Canada and the USA, Angel Falls in Venezuela, Victoria Falls which sits on the Zambian and Zimbabwean border, but not to be outdone, Iguazu (which means …

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PanAmerica Panorama – Rio De Janeiro

See, I can't stop the loving on Rio De Janeiro. Hope you are well wherever you are in the world. These pics are the only panoramas I took in my 3 days in Rio. Hope they brighten someone's Sunday! Notice if you will the photo of the Metropolitan Cathedral interior - an up-down panorama. 🙂 …

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