Recoleta Cemetery – Through My Lens

Come and check out Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, a beautiful cemetery containing the final resting place of Eva Peron.

Epic Journeys – Uyuni (Bolivia) to La Quiaca (Argentina)

Today the story of my epic journey from the town of Uyuni in Bolivia, the gateway to Salar de Uyuni, to the border town of La Quiaca, in Argentina, passing through such not-particularly-known towns as Atocha, Tupiza and Villazon (the border town on the Bolivian side). Crazy drivers and roads that appeared to be rivers made this quite the adventure!

My Favourite Cities in… South America!

Yes, the favourite cities roller coaster continues as another sun sets on the weekend. And this time it’s back over to the Americas and moving southwards to South America. I’ve only been there once, that was back in 2016 now which as 2020 splutters along is starting to look further and further back in time. …

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Sunday Spotlight – Salta (Argentina)

Argentina really is a fabulous place to explore. I barely touched the surface, with only three places visited plus a day trip from Buenos Aires. It’s a land of contrasts and great natural beauty, of seas and mountains, and cities too. Whilst Buenos Aires is a genuine ‘big city’, with amazing buildings and scale not …

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3 Spots on Sunday – Cities to Visit in South America

Hi folks, it’s another Sunday, and another ‘three’. This time I’m talking about cities I liked visiting in South America. I wanted to try and steer clear of capital cities, and I did it! So don’t be confused by my third option, it is not the capital! South America is an incredible continent, I can’t …

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Argentina, Buenos Aires and Eva Peron

Argentina has been the hotbed of political activity in the last century. The Marxist revolutionary and appearer on millions of t-shirts Che Guevara hailed from Argentina, although his exploits occurred in many countries. But if there is one political figure that was bigger than Che, it was Eva Peron. No, Eva Peron or ‘Evita’, was …

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Three Spots on Sunday – in the Mountains

A new idea for a Sunday post – thematically linking three spots for various reasons. You’ll see as I do a few more of these what I mean! And today’s theme is ‘mountains’. And so I am writing about three mountain spots I went to in vastly different parts of the world, in fact in …

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Border Crossing Experiences – the Good

One part of travelling still gets me a little excited is crossing borders. Although you know that an imaginary line on the ground that divides two countries really can’t bring that much difference, somehow it’s all pretty exciting stuff – especially when you are going into new territory -  country you have never been to …

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