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Accommodation Review – Quito Airport Suites

Howdy all, time to get all reviewy again as I start to look at the places I stayed in South America. Why not go in order? It’s a radical suggestion, I know, but here I am starting with where I stayed in my first stop which was Quito. I arrived at 230am in the morning, so I decided I would

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A Day at the Beach With the Sea Lions, Galapagos

When people are asking me for my number one experience from South America, I have little hesitation in saying ‘Galapagos’. Even though the place was way more touristy than I had envisioned (same could be said about all of South America, really) the waters, animals and volcanoes made it so different from anything else in my trip. Speaking of animals,

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Thoughts on the Silver Mine Tour in Potosi

Potosi, Bolivia, a pleasant enough town in the centre, but the chief reason for tourists to go is to take a tour in the silver mines in the hills that surround this town. And that’s why I stopped there. Why did I want to visit a silver mine? Well, to be honest, it was something different. I’ve visited mines before,

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