Oh Ottawa!

Howdy there! Yes, taking a wander to Canada for today’s blog, a place I’ve been twice but hardly ever blogged on. Today I want to draw your attention to the capital Ottawa, in Ontario but very close to the border with Quebec (not so far from the USA either – Vermont is the closest border.

Ottawa River.
Ottawa River.

So, it’s pretty well positioned and let me tell you – it’s a really beautiful city! Some of the architecture is stunning. It’s beautifully situated on the banks of the Ottawa River (possibly how it got its name) and it’s worth a couple of days if you’re in Canada.


Notre Dame Cathedral.
Notre Dame Cathedral.
Inside the Notre Dame Cathedra.
Inside the Notre Dame Cathedra.

Okay, it’s not chock full of sights, but there are a number of interesting museums to check out for starters. The Notre Dame Cathedral it’s absolutely stunning (looking back at my photos I am at a loss to understand why I only took two photos in the church) and you’ll find interesting statues on the commons and a friendly people too.

Parliament building.
Parliament building.
Inside the parliament
Inside the parliament

The one highlight I had was visiting the Canadian Parliament. Good views through the windows of outside, and it was interesting to be able to sit down and watch politics unfurl before my eyes. The building itself is gorgeous and historic. I’m not sure what the status is these days for visitors because you may recall there was a shooting there a few years back.

Photo from TripAdvisor.

Another highlight was (and this is pretty rare) staying in the HI hostel. It’s a converted jail! Yes unique and a little historic too. HERE is their website.

Rideau Canal.
Rideau Canal.

I was only in Ottawa for a couple of days or a little less, and I only went there because it was election time in Australia and I wanted to vote. But I was surprised by Ottawa’s beauty, history and clean air. So, if Canada’s on your radar, especially Ontario or Quebec, then why not include a couple of days in Ottawa too? Capital idea!

Thanks for reading!

May the Journey Never End!

9 thoughts on “Oh Ottawa!

  1. BBQboy

    I don’t know how I missed this post Andy. I lived in Ottawa almost 10 years as a teenager. It’s a pretty city, full of parks, museums, and as you say, the Ottawa river. Right across the river is beautiful Gatineau Park, part of the Laurentians. Full of lakes and low-level mountains that are great for hiking. I left Ottawa for Montreal to go to university and was pretty happy – Montreal is a young, cool kind of place with lots of nightlife. But as I’ve gotten older (and I’ve gone back to Ottawa many times) I’ve gotten to appreciate it. A great place to live, the people are small-town friendly, and you’ll find everything you find in the larger Canadian cities. I sometimes kind of miss it.
    Glad you had a chance to visit.
    Frank (bbqboy)

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