Essential Tips for Travel to Bolivia

Bolivia is full of rewarding places to visit. I strolled through in a little less than two weeks and probably should have stayed longer. Like quite a bit of the continent, it’s at altitude, from Lake Titicaca in the north of the country, to the salt plains in the south. There's so much in this country that you probably never realised. So read on to find out what, where and how!

Irish Eyes in Japan – An Interview with Travel Blogger Lynda Hogan!

Sunday means 'interview' here on Andy's World Journeys and this time I'm 'chatting' with friend and fellow blogger, Lynda Hogan. Lynda hails from Ireland but lives in Saitama, Japan hence my incredibly corny title for the this post (sorry Lynda!). Lynda's blog details all the things there are to do in Saitama, and as such is a great source of knowledge for anyone who's planning a trip to Japan. She's also a mum, and has that in mind in many instances when she blogs.

Brand New Vlog – Trams, Elevators and Palaces – Lisbon and Sintra

Yes, it's time for another Friday Vlog, and today I'm excited to share my Vlog on Lisbon and a side trip to the mountainous town of Sintra. I'm really happy with how this one turned out. I happened to take a fair bit of footage in Lisbon which helps, and the fact that the city …

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