Seven on Sunday – Things to See and Do in 2016

Hi folks. Well, last Sunday was a retrospective, so this week I will look forward to 2016 and set some goals for the year. It’s really been a long while since I’ve seriously travelled. I had two trips in 2015 – one was about 3.5 weeks, which to me is a very short trip, and the other was 9 days which barely felt like any time away at all.

But the fact is life is an ever changing puzzle. In the last few months, for the first time in my entire life, I actually seriously contemplated buying a house! I mean, I turned forty last year and am married now, so reading blogs (and I do read quite a few) from people who are basically professional travellers is really a source of some jealousy for me. Part of me has certainly already accepted that that lifestyle is not really a possibility anymore. I find myself working over 90 hours a fortnight over two jobs, and I have a definite savings plan. I already started saving to buy a house – I have nearly $50 in that account. However, I plan to have my travel savings goal reached by April and from then on I will be working towards a deposit.

That doesn’t mean the blog takes a back seat though. I really hope to build the readership in 2016, although despite regular posting, I’m not getting the sort of numbers I would like. Anyone with any tips, please chime in in the comments! Anyways, this is not as brief an intro as I was hoping…


7/ Interact and Promote Other Bloggers More

I am hoping to get a series of online interviews done with a number of other travel bloggers this year to highlight their amazing work and places they have been. I’m also hoping to highlight more amazing travel blog posts that I read which I hardly did in 2015.


6/ Improve Fitness and Lose Weight

To fit in with my travel plans to South America later in the year, I need to seriously improve my fitness. I was unfit when I hiked the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia years ago, but fit enough to survive it at a slower pace. South America presents a lot of altitude challenges, and right now I’m pretty much as heavy as I have been in my life, although I have lost a couple of kilos since returning from New Zealand.

To climb volcanoes in Ecuador or to possibly attempt the Inca Trail, I am certainly going to need to shed kilos and more importantly getting fitter.


5/ Go to the Travel Expo

Flight Centre’s Travel Expo in early February will be a chance to get my South American dream booked. With some luck I can get a couple of good bargains there too. And there’s always interesting talks and so forth.


4/ Canberra


My wife and I were given a travel voucher to the HYATT (yes, you read right!) for Christmas. So, expect some stories from Australia’s capital coming up!


3/ Patagonia


This region of Argentina/Chile has a reputation for beauty and glaciers. One of the top three things in South America – I really want to see the glaciers around El Calafate and southern Argentina. Of course, it’s a long way from Quito where I plan to start my trip.


2/ The Galapagos Islands


I feel like I’m repeating an earlier post here. At the moment I am trying to work out the best way to do the Galapagos Islands.  For me that is. I want to see the giant turtle, the blue-footed boobies, do some snorkelling and climb another volcano. The question in my mind now is to tour or not to tour? Save a few bucks by doing it independently but more rewarding on a boat I believe. Perhaps someone with some experience would like to give me some pointers? Although I have been researching like crazy already…


1/ Macchu Picchu



It’s a must. It’s the main thing that drew me to the whole continent originally when I first developed a… ahhh… yearning you might say. The question will be to Inca Trail Trek or not. If I left tomorrow no way would I be even close to fit enough for that. Then of course there is the altitude. I’d like to at least get a little hiking in, but may have to take the train both ways. As you can imagine, the train will also be something I’m looking forward to.


And so, there’s my seven as of the 10th of January, 2016. There’s the possibility of seeing more around my home state of Victoria as well in there. The plan is to spend October and November in South America – it could be moved a little earlier to the second half of September. If I take a cruise at the Galapagos, that will probably determine the date of departure from Australia as my plan currently is to start in Quito, fly to Galapagos and back, and then begin my trip southwards.

I have had lofty ambitions of doing the rest by road as far south as I can get and flying back to Buenos Aires, but even two months doesn’t seem to allow for that. Countries to visit in South America – Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Hoping to fly home with a stop in Rio. Anyways, I will have something more definite and concrete within a month. Thanks for reading – any advice is welcome. How is YOUR 2016 shaping up????

May the Journey Never End!


  • How time flies – I remember a whole year ago when you were planning Myanmar and Thailand! Can’t wait to hear what you think of South America!

    For me, I’ve got Central Europe planned, as well as a couple more trips to Sydney. And I’m going back home to Lahore later in the year, so hoping to do some trips in Pakistan while I’m there too 🙂

  • So many fantastic South American destinations! Hope you get to visit them all this year! I know what you mean about reading other blogs and it making you want to travel all the time. But we have full time jobs and a mortgage and we still managed to go on 8 trips last year. You just have to make the most of your annual leave, bank holidays and weekends – even if that is shorter trips than you’re normally used to 🙂

  • Some interesting destinations there Andy. I think for me Patagonia would be at the top of my list. It seems like you have a few hiking destinations in there so a good way to achieve your goal of getting in shape!

    For us: another year of full time travel commencing with being back in Europe (from South Africa) at the end of January. Seriously don’t want to be back this time of year but just ended up that way. Plans basically up in the air but we definitely want to do another tour of the Balkans in the spring.

    All the best in 2016!
    Frank (bbqboy)

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