Seven on Sunday – Places I want to visit in South America

So there is one continent (bar Antarctica) I still haven’t visited – and that’s South America. I am presently saving and planning for a trip there around October next year, touchwood all will go well and I can make it, still a long way away! Here are seven places I want to visit on a trip that I hope will include Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Argentina and possibly Brazil.

7. Rio De Janeiro

Because you can’t go to South America and not, right?


6. Iguaza Falls

On the border between three countries, Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, these falls are simply stunning.



5. Lake Titicaca

On the border between Peru and Bolivia, this lake is regarded as the highest navigable lake in the world at just over 3,800 metres.



4. Train Journeys

There are plenty of interesting and adventurous train journeys in South America. TTrains from Cuzco in Peru to Macchu Picchu and Puno towards the Bolivian border. Then there’s the famous ‘death train’ in Bolivia. So much train fun to be had!


3. Salar De Uyuni

The Salt plains are stunning in Southern Bolivia. There’s even a salt hotel.


2. Galapagos Islands

This island, part of Ecuador, home to a insane number of weird and wonderful animals that aren’t found anywhere else. It’s not the cheapest place to go, but I think it’s essential to my trip – if I wasn’t to go I’d be very disappointed!

1.Macchu Picchu

Well it had to be, didn’t it. Ever since I saw my first picture of Macchu Picchu, I wanted to go there and see it ‘in the flesh’ as it were.




So there you are – my thoughts at present are quite with thoughts about going to South America. Dreams, dreams, dreams…. keep having them!

May the Journey Never End!


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