Seven things to do in Melbourne in Spring

Welcome to a new regular-ish segment on my blog called ‘Seven on Sunday’ where I’ll talk about seven things to do or see in a place… well something like that. There’ll still be a Sunday Spotlight now and again as well, but I thought it was time to diversify from the rigidness of the same thing every week on the same day and add a little variety into both mine and the readers’ lives.


And why not start with my own home town of Melbourne? And Spring is an awesome time in Melbourne, you can’t go wrong in Spring because usually the weather is in the mid-20s and some of the best, if not hottest days are found at this time. This year I have to say our spring is still struggling to start 12 days into it, usually magically at the start of September it becomes sunny and warm like magic! Nevertheless, the last couple of days have seen it creep towards twenty degrees and we’ve seen some decent sun. Let the countdown begin!


  1. The Melbourne Show


Perhaps not what it once was, The Melbourne Show is in Flemington, close to the city, and features animals of all shapes and sizes as a celebration of Victorian and Australian Agriculture.  As a sideline, but more often than not the reason people go there, you’ll find fair ground rides in abundance, and you can buy ‘show bags’. Hundreds of show bags go on sale and are sold by various companies. As a kid it was brilliant to get them and see what’s inside – Cadbury ones for example would be full of chocolate. If you want to know more about show bags, here is a link!


  1. Go to the races

I don’t know about you, but horse racing is not for me. However, it’s an absolute Melbourne tradition and Melbourne has the ‘Spring Racing Carnival’ which features a host of races due to start soon. It culminates (but doesn’t quite end) on the first Tuesday in November with the world famous ‘Melbourne Cup’, known as the race that ‘stops a nation’. People dress in their finest, party hearty and have a ball at the different racing venues in Melbourne, all of which are easily reached by train.


  1. Botanical Gardens


Hi-jinks in the Botanical Gardens.
Hi-jinks in the Botanical Gardens.

Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Gardens are large and stunning, and on the weekends full of people enjoying the sun and atmosphere. You can’t go wrong!


  1. St Kilda Foreshore

St Kilda is one of the most vibrant and lively parts of the city. Acland Street is full of busy cafes, and the beach front is always active and if you get a warm day, a wonderful place to be with others!


  1. Puffing Billy
Puffing Billy braves the trestle bridge!
Puffing Billy braves the trestle bridge!
Another of the Puffing Billy Engines at a station.
Another of the Puffing Billy Engines at a station.

Not actually IN Melbourne, but you take a train to Belgrave and you’re at the start of the line for this iconic Steam Train. The ride is through some of Australia’s most beautiful woodland, and there is not better time than spring to visit it.


  1. The Fringe Festival.

Fringe-Festival-862x480 CNzRCWuVAAA95WZ

The Melbourne Fringe Festival is another wonderful festival in Melbourne full of theatre. There are so many options – check out the Melbourne Fringe here. Friend of the blog and podcast participant from last year Rob Lloyd has an exciting show this year with a Star Wars Theme, so if you’re wondering what to go and see why not see ‘Rob Lloyd – The Heart Awakens’ ?


  1. Go to the AFL footy finals!
Aussie Rules footy.
Aussie Rules footy.

Yes – Australian Rules reaches its climax in September, and those who’ve followed my blog for some time will know that my team, the Western Bulldogs, has not been doing so well. Until this year! We are actually in the finals! There’s nothing like a packed MCG in September when two teams slug it out to progress further. The Grand Final is usually on the last Saturday in September, although this year it got pushed back a week and will be the first Saturday in October. This is ALWAYS held at the MCG regardless of who the participants are.


Melbourne in Spring – this was my Seven on Sunday. What do you think? Any to add? May the Journey Never End!


  1. I’ve been on puffing billy! That one was a fun one and I wish I had more time to explore the places that it stopped by. Good tips to have…:)

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