Travel Video : Dubai

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Hi everyone!

It’s occurred to me that I have never really introduced my travel videos to you, so I thought over the next however-many Mondays it was time to do just that! Along with travel and taking photos, I have also done a lot of amateur videoing in my life. I’ve managed to take videos in places I’ve visited since 2006, although I only started doing it seriously in 2007. I’ve used a combination of techniques and so forth in the videos, and I thought I’d start with my video ‘Dubai: Malls and More’ which was shot in 2009, and is a little under ten minutes.


This one was short primarily to present Dubai, rather than a personal record of my time there which is the case with some of the videos. Anyways, please take a look and tell me what you think! You’ll see me tackle the malls, the indoor ‘Ski Dubai’ facility, Wild Wadi Water Park, the Dubai creek and more! May the Journey Never End!


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  1. Dubai is a very nice place to visit and a great place for shopping. hotels are expensive but some new sites are offering nice hotels at good price

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