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The Beauty of Bagan – Part One

There’s no doubt about it, Bagan is THE must see destination of Myanmar. What is Bagan? Well, Bagan is an ancient city in Myanmar, sort of in the middle of the country 5 hours by minibus from Mandalay and a good day’s journey from the former capital Yangon (Rangoon). The temples of Bagan are spread out over a fairly wide

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Sunday Spotlight – Xi’an

It being Sunday means it’s time to shine the spotlight on another city. Today we go inland into China to the citadel of Xi’an. Xi’an is a fast growing city and a half, as are many places in modern China. As I came in from the airport (after my delayed and eventful flight on Spring Airlines. Probably not worth the

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City Rumble – New York City versus London

Let’s get ready to rumble! Okay, sorry, that’s not a little bit like me! Here we are, Thursday, and welcome to my brand new piece – ‘City Rumble’, comparing my experiences in two comparable cities and deciding which I preferred and of course, giving reasons why. And I’ve decided to start big – New York City doing battle with London.

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Sunday Spotlight – Vilnius

Today the spotlight shines over to Europe on the pretty Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. The Baltic region has three picturesque capitals, the others being Tallinn and Riga, and Vilnius is probably the little sister of those two, but that is because (I’m educated guessing a little here) it receives less tourists. And people are missing out! It’s an absolutely charming

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