Trip of a Life Time – Ireland

If you thought I took too few pictures when I was in the London and UK, then you’ll be even more dismayed at my time in Ireland. Two lousy photos is all I took! And a third was taken for me at the Guinness Factory that I didn’t make it too because I was hung over. Yep. I enjoyed my time in Ireland somewhat!

The trip to Ireland from Bristol was a night I probably won’t ever forget. I met a girl! It didn’t work out yada yada yada… But hey, it was one very romantic night. The bus from Bristol went to Cork in Ireland, spending a few hours on a ferry because driving all the way would have proven a bit too wet to handle. And, on the bus I met a girl.

And we spent the entire journey together. Somehow. I know, it sounds mad! It was – in a good way. And then, well, the bus left the ferry as the sun rose and we were on the Emerald Isle. Ireland indeed! And soon, well, we were parted for I was booked into a hostel in Cork and she was staying on the bus to the final destination. What else do I remember about that night? I remember finding a room showing AFL football and I remember singing Spice Girls to a bunch of kids.

But all good things come to an end. I’m still in contact with this girl but that’s all you need to know! No really, it is!

Cork is a pretty little town in Southern Island, and the best place to base yourself to visit Blarney Castle and kiss the Blarney Stone. I stayed at a pretty good hostel, Sheila’s of Cork, where I met a load of backpackers and we headed about the town. I kicked the Aussie Rules ball around with a few… Aussies, and there was much drinking and visiting of nice pubs.

No. I didn't go here!
No. I didn’t go here!
A guy I met at Jocob's Inn.
A guy I met at Jocob’s Inn.
A fountain in Dublin.
A fountain in Dublin.

From there it was a bus to the capital Dublin and another really wonderful city. Cold, yes. And it rained a lot – I would return a year and half later in the winter and thought the weather was much better then! For reference, on this trip it was July when I was in rarely-sunny Ireland!

I spent time again visiting pubs, I stayed at another hostel I thought was pretty decent – Jacob’s Inn. Both of these hostels are still open today! I visited St Patrick’s Cathedral, and the grounds are beautiful with remembrances to James Joyce and others. St Stephen’s Green also proved a beautifully manicured place and great to explore. As is Dublin the city – it’s charming really!

And I really do wish I had taken more photos! Before I knew it I was taking a bus and ferry back to the United Kingdom. I had less than a week in Ireland, and to be honest, most of it was visiting pubs! The day of my night-time departure I was horribly hung over and didn’t feel up to going to the Guiness Factory – So I gave a new found friend my camera and he took a photo of it for me!

Next time I return to the UK and visit Devon and Edinburgh! But before then there’ll be some Christmas Cheer and a photo and probably a spotlight! May the journey never end!

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